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Success in El ZeroUno

On 17th September we went to El Zerouno, a community of the videogame industry. After a few speakers talking about their experiences on the videogame industry, we got a chance, the called Game Glory, to present Drop on a quick speech of 90 seconds!

And guess what… people liked the game! The success of Drop between the assistants leads us to the next event of El Zerouno to present the game again, this time with 7 full minutes available to show the world what Drop has to offer!
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Gameplay trailer

Check our new video on youtube!

We have a lot more props and improved assets, with animations, a better drop model and even enemies!

The level is still a work-in-progress level and we have more puzzles and levels, but we are keeping it in secret by now… We will not spoiler the whole game, does it?

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