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Maturuturu Studios
Based in Barcelona, Spain

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What is Maturuturu Studios

Maturuturu Studios is an indie developer group born in the Master in Videogame design from the Barcelona’s UPC School. After a lot of effort, stress and work, a demo of Drop, the videogame, was born and the journey of the studio began.

The name of Maturuturu comes from the direct translation of Drop in Maori, and that’s why we have a kiwi, an animal and national symbol from New Zealand, home of maori’s culture, as our pet in the logo.
Meet the team members here.

The team is now focused on making Drop into a complete videogame.
Drop is a 2D puzzle game in a 3D world with platform-like elements. The game is a relaxing experience were you will play as a lost drop of water on his journey to reach the sea. You will find more lost drops and join together to form bigger ones and make your way through the dangerous hazards you will encounter.
See more about Drop here.

Download fact sheet and description.

Some press coverage

  • Los indies de Fun&Serious 2016 by Bruno Sol (HobbyConsolas)
    [El fin de semana pasado tuvimos la oportunidad de visitar el Festival Fun&Serious donde, además de disfrutar las conferencias del Game Industry Forum y las VIT Talks, tuvimos la oportunidad de ver en la Indie Zone Palacio Euskalduna algunos de los proyectos independientes más prometedores del panorama nacional, de la mano de sus propios creadores. ]
  • El Zerouno Networking Barcelona (October)
    [Ya puedes ver la repetición de lo ocurrido en el Mobile World Centre de Barcelona con las actividades de Maturuturu Studios, 3 Happy Tigers, Involuntary Games, Aegean: Path of Eos y Jelly World Interactive.]

See press coverage and contests’ participation in this link.


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