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The big beauty of the little things


Sometimes is good to look at our past and rediscover us, like the little and simple things that we thought were amazing when we were childs, like the first time we see drops on the window falling and merging creating bigger drops and then, after this fact, we try to catch them to make bigger drops with our fingers.

Drop is a game about how little things can give us huge feelings and show us how a little drop can pass through challenges more bigger than him. This is the first game made by Maturuturu Studios.
In Drop you will play as a lost water drop on his journey to reach the sea in a relaxing experience with puzzles and platform-game components. Find more lost drops and join together to form bigger drops and make your way through the dangerous hazards you will encounter.



  • A 2D game on a 3D world. The perfectly intuitive platform-game style with the strengths and beauty of a 3D environment.
  • A relaxed journey. A polished game designed to offer the most flowing and entertaining experience.
  • A world full of nature. Beautifully crafted levels full of plants, colorful flowers, small animals and other vivid elements.
  • The world around you is huge! With ants ten times your size you will have to look for more lost drops to join together and become bigger.
  • Manage your drops. Having more water will not only make your character bigger but it will also allow it to split in more drops!
  • Be water! With lots but intuitive mechanics revolving around water and nature, the puzzles will test your smartness.
  • Thematic levels. Jump from leave to leave in the forest, fly through the wind on the mountains or freeze into ice on the ice fields, each level happens on a particular ecosystem related with water!



Happy Journey!