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Drop the idea

When we created the team, the next logical step was look for the idea. What kind of videogame we will do? What theme? What art, mechanics, goals, story…?

Is one of the most difficult parts of making a videogame, the idea, a good idea that must be fun, beautiful, different. And also, an idea we can achieve, not so complicated to do or without a lot of loose end.
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Demo reel

In youtube you can see videos about how we are making the game, for example, the first we made as a test, some time ago. Not a big deal, but shows our first steps in the game Drop, some concepts arts, some mechanics we already implemented, the level we are working now and a little more.
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The beginning of a new age

Hello to everyone and welcome to the Maturuturu Studios’s Blog. In this page you will be able to follow our activity and our developments. Also you will hear about our thoughts, hopes, fears, problems, success…

We hope that you will enjoy it!!

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