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Drop the idea

When we created the team, the next logical step was look for the idea. What kind of videogame we will do? What theme? What art, mechanics, goals, story…?

Is one of the most difficult parts of making a videogame, the idea, a good idea that must be fun, beautiful, different. And also, an idea we can achieve, not so complicated to do or without a lot of loose end.

And we had some good ideas involving cooperative dark and light, competitives games with colours, a snail boxer and few more. Drop came to us breaking the style of games we was thinking about. A relaxing game about a drop in his journey to the sea.


We know the game doesn’t sound like the next hit on Steam, and for sure, sound like a mobile game. Is not! Is a pc game, and maybe later, we will adapt it to mobile, but we don’t have that intention now. Is a 3D game with the typical playstyle of the 2D platforms and puzzles games, in which you have to use all the properties that have a drop, like merging with other drops to grow up or split up, to achieve big challenges even for you.

And here the character. Some older concept we made at the moment, but none of them are the final character, keep it in mind! We are still working on him, so you will fall in love with our drop 😀


Drop faces test


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